You need to promise me one thing before we go any further, the next time we meet for a game of pool, I insist we use rubber cues! – Why? - I’ll come back to that later.

However to look at the reasons for this CD, lets take another track.Guitar lessons started in the 70’s, back in the primary school days. The learning progression was so quick, I was asked to play guitar for the school choir on a local television program called “Spotlight”. I denied. Already I was picking up the art of “missing opportunities”.

Late teens saw the addiction to the movie “The Blues Brothers”. So as a result school mates and I decided to “get another band together”. The revenue had the normal split. 5% to the band - balance to the promoter. This was my welcoming to the music industry “and loved it!”.

Then in my early 20’s Europe called. Spent a year or so living under backpackers conditions, 9 or 10 per room, mainly made up of Aussies, Kiwi’s and South Africans – quite normal. However one of the dwellers from South Africa was the subject a documentary made when he was a young teenager because of his unique business brain. During a stay in Switzerland together, he asked me to start our own business. Then a thought came! Here’s another “missed opportunity” being offered. I couldn’t let it go. So I chose, first to fly back to Aussie land for x-mas, then rejoin him in the new year. As I’ll explain later forgetting to request a rubber cue put a stop to that business opportunity. (Just getting off the track, on a recent catch up he only had about 60 properties to his name! and increasing – that’s nothing – I’ve nearly finished paying off my four man tent!).

Anyway let’s explain the request for rubber cues. Whilst in Sydney during the trip back to Europe, ready to make millions, I was on the receiving end of a pool cue. The cue was controlled by a stranger who enjoys inflicting pain. This led to a twelve month recovery. Having no memory of the incident I felt that maybe I provoked him. 18 months later my guilt was cleared. The same man, who was still waiting to be sentenced, shot two young English backpacker girls. They had been in Sydney for a week. One never made it.

The injuries I incurred caused loss of short term memory plus the loss of one of my eyes (on the bright side, being one eyed, improves my pool game!). Guitar playing etc went back to day one. These days I’m back to normal in regards to memory span and hardly ever get off the track when it comes to practical thinking.........

“Where was I?”

Anyway this should explain why I’d like us all to use rubber cues from now on when playing a game of pool. Being hit by a real one is not very pleasant.

In summary going back to music helped me strum my way out of the recovery bed. So what could be a more appropriate title for this CD than 2nd Chance?

Unlike one of the young English girls, I was lucky enough to get one!